It is the opportunity for me, and for all my group, to thank you so much about the fantastic success of our stay in your beautiful country ! You did everything you could for the optimization of our travel

Mrs. Amonrat


We would like to show my great appreciate to Miss Shiva Kumari Bista ( CEO), who did an excellent job in planning the trip and always ready to reply any queries we had. All the bookings went smoothly, and we had excellent seats on the plane. Thank you so much for all your time and effort in organizing our trip.

Ms. Jussara Pellicano Botelho


It was a relaxed but well organised tour, with everything done to accommodate the preferences of the entire group. There is something very special in actually stopping to take the time to observe and sketch down a scene.

Mrs. Ania Beszczynska


It was a beautiful experience... your guide & driver was very accommodating and knowledgeable. Will look forward to visiting again in future if the opportunity arises.